About us

A human adventure

As part of the patronage role taken on by a Breton manufacturer, Michel Rivé used to lay out the reception halls at the PALAIS de TOKYO (Paris) with Alain Dumas as the chief designer. Their collaboration thus began and grew stronger over the years, leading to the completion of many joint projects.


  1. Michel RIVÉ, managing director of PLUXI and LUXIS.
  2. Alain DUMAS, designer.
  3. Loïc LIZY, cabinetmaker at PLUXI.
  4. ÉriK CHATEL, designer.
  5. Élodie DUMAS, Government Certified architect.

PMMA benches and console tables

LUXIS was born from a passion stemming from designers' creativity and the traditional expertise showcased by PLUXI, a plastic cabinetmaking workshop. PLUXI's traditional craft is cabinetmaking. Established in Landévant (Brittany) over 30 years ago, this workshop now manufactures all LUXIS' creations. The art of cabinetmaking was born long before the invention of plastic. It used to refer to the techniques used to make objects from sheets of various material: horn, bone, mother of pearl, ivory or wood. Those who founded PLUXI no doubt discovered the art of cabinetmaking through the objects they saw in their daily lives, at the East India Company Museum in Port-Louis: chess boards, boards and dice, games, marine models, dioramas, cases, boxes, etc. The cabinetmakers discovered PMMA to be an ideal working material, and they became famous for it. The cabinetmaking expert's know-how was enhanced thanks to modern, cutting-edge tools that enabled LUXIS CRÉATIONS to meet requirements in the field of international design.